Kigali mass sports on hold until May

Kigali mass sports on hold until May
Kigali City residents at a past car free day. Courtesy Photo

The bi-monthly mass sport exercises popularly referred to as Car free day are postponed until May 1, Kigali City officials announced ahead of one scheduled on Sunday April 17.

The municipality did not state the reason for the postponement.

"The City of Kigali would like to inform the general public that the bi-monthly mass sport that was planned for tomorrow on 17th April, 2022 has been postponed. All Car free day activities will resume on 1st May 2022,” City officials said in a social media post.

However, the scheduled car free day fell on one of the most important holidays for the country’s majority Christians, on which they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Those who spoke to this publication are of the view that the mass sport, during which traffic is kept off key City roads for the better part of the day, would disrupt planned church services, prayers and other activities in line with Easter celebration.

Commemoration activities

Besides, as Rwanda marks the 28th commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi, religious organisations remember their followers or members who were murdered.

Like other institutions such as ministries, government agencies, Districts and the private sector, faith based organisations were allowed, under the guidelines issued by the Ministry of National Unity and Civic Engagement (MINUBUMWE), to organise the commemoration in conformity with their beliefs and what is provided by the law.

Rwanda this week concluded the week of mourning of victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi during which key activities such as the Walk to Remember did not take place, and the night vigil was aired on TV.

The changes, MINUBUMWE officials said, were part the measures to limit the spread of the pandemic. Commemoration activities will go on during the 100-day period ending on July 3.