HOAX: UR did not announce start date for academic year

HOAX: UR did not announce start date for academic year

A document shared on social media about University of Rwanda (UR) announcing May 16, 2022 as official start date for the academic year 2021/2022 is fake.

The announcement, which was issued on April 21 informs the University’s new and continuing students about the reopening for the new academic year.

It further indicated that admissions for year I students will be released Friday April 22, and registration for both new and continuing students scheduled to start on Monday April 24.

On closer inspection of the document, however, one sees pointers that it is not genuine. First of all, April 24th is not a Monday. It is a Sunday.

A further fact-check on the content of the announcement show one Dr. Papias M. Musafiri, whose position is not mentioned, is listed as the person to contact for further information. However, his purported phone contact has missing digits, making it incomplete.

The author of the fake document appears to have picked one of the announcements issued by University of Rwanda previously and edited it to insert fabricated information.

It is therefore FAKE. In fact, the University of Rwanda has dismissed the announcement and urged the public to disregard it.